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Holidays in Dominican Republic December 1999 - January 2000

domrep1.jpg (10543 Byte)

I'm so tired... our plane was delayed... This is the first time that we fly from Cologne/Bonn airport

domrep2.jpg (8248 Byte)

Happy Millenium 2000!!!

domrep3.jpg (22319 Byte)

... and we didn't experience any Y2K bug, because we didn't have any PC in Dom Rep <g>!!!
But we enjoyed the coctails: Cuba Libre, Pina Colada, Banana Mama, Banana Papa, and so on... ;-)

domrep4.jpg (22528 Byte)

This is our hotel's beach

domrep5.jpg (32719 Byte)

Hey Katja be careful don't jump down <g>
This is our view from the hotel room

domrep6.jpg (20505 Byte)

Wanna try surfing? Just Do It!

domrep7.jpg (22699 Byte)

This is a little street in Puerto Plata

domrep8.jpg (6114 Byte)

Lofi's comment: Hey guys, all inclusive hotel is a very nice thing.
I can eat and drink (coctails yeah!) whenever I want! I love the food in Dom Rep,
I think I just miss my sambal!!!

domrep9.jpg (14212 Byte)


domrep10.jpg (25329 Byte)

Hey, here we are: we had a bus breakdown.
Don't trust korean technology especially Hyundai (this is only a joke, don't take it to serious, okay?!)

domrep11.jpg (37183 Byte)

Hey look: a runaway bride but without Richard Gere ;-)
I'm luckier than him, because my bride doesn't run away!!! Not yet...

domrep12.jpg (16868 Byte)

There are many street children in Dom Rep but not many as in Indonesia

domrep13.jpg (35947 Byte)

A nice place in Santo Domingo (main capital of Dom Rep) with my
"not yet and hope not" runaway bride

domrep14.jpg (23400 Byte)

Like the old time: travelling by a pickup!!! A Toyota Pickup, yeah... Not a Hyundai one

domrep15.jpg (18876 Byte)

This "Gwak-Gwak" driver (Supir Mikrolet: free translation don't count on this)
was really cool: he use a water gun to shoot the pedestrian!!! 

domrep16.jpg (19450 Byte)

I was helphing this people to move their boat (look at the back side).
I mean, I maybe not so strong like Arnie or Sly but I'm cooler than 'em, right?

domrep17.jpg (28002 Byte)

This is the best beach I've seen in my life. They call it Bacardi Beach. You know the ad. from Bacardi Rum?
They made that TV-Ad. here in this beach! BTW we also have nice legs, don't we? Just try Bacardi Rum and Coke, hmm
this taste great!

domrep18.jpg (25022 Byte)

Just another day in paradise

domrep19.jpg (34866 Byte)

How do we look like? Like a mortal combat boy and girl, right?